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Capital May Not Be Everything...
...but for entrepreneurs, it ranks right up there with oxygen

We simplified the process so you get the right capital as quickly as possible at the lowest cost

The Problem

Confusing and Complex

You're ready to give up trying to get the capital you need for your business. You've had it with the confusing jargon of the language of finance and bankers and investors that don't seem to get it. You never seem to have enough revenue or earnings – or you're in the wrong industry. There's a seemingly endless list of qualifications that you never quite meet. You end up feeling like you need to beg from people that have never sat in your seat and that have never felt the pressure you're under. You feel utterly powerless. If only you could get the capital you need.

Enormous Effort

You've been down this path before and you remember the enormous effort, the endless meetings and forking over all of the information about your business only to feel judged and deemed unworthy. They never seem to run out of information requests. And each request means you and your small team spend hours and hours trying to answer the request, only to get another request.

And after all of that, you get turned down. Meanwhile, all of that distraction means your business has deteriorated and you are completely backed up. Issues everywhere.

Now what? Do you go to other banks that don't know you or your business? What about getting money from investors? How does that work? What other options are there? Does this take the same amount of effort – or even more – every time you pitch a new potential lender or investor? You don't have time for this!

Seeking Advice

When you do look for advice, it's like no one is able to see the full picture or knows what they are talking about. You just wish that someone would really try to understand your business and lay out the best options of the various types of debt and equity. You wonder if there is a such a thing as an advisor that understands you and wasn't biased towards only one type of financing. You'd love to be able to ask those burning questions about the differences between different types of debt, or what on earth "mezz" means (someone told you once you should get mezz financing). Or explain to you how venture capital or private equity works – and there is a chance you might get some and what strings come attached.

The Solution

We Make the Complex Simple

Our Capital Transaction Management   (CTM) platform – and our expert advice – walks you through the step-by-step process of getting the ground truth of where your business stands, how it will be viewed by a capital provider (lenders and/or investors), preparing for a financing, and developing a transaction strategy and profile.



We Help You Develop Numerous Options

There are dozens of types of capital and tens of thousands of capital providers with trillions of dollars of looking for opportunities to allocate capital. Our CTM platform's precise matching capabilities means only the right type of capital providers are invited to view your confidential and anonymous profile (yet with sufficient information for them to make an initial offer). This gives your financing opportunity the broadest exposure, while eliminating your effort and protecting your confidentiality. Only when there is an excellent fit with an acceptable deal is your profile opened up in a "staged reveal" to quickly move the transaction into the final stages of diligence and funding. We've crushed the process from months of pitches and painful rejection to only a few weeks with a very high probability of success (no deal gets launched that we aren't extremely confident we can get funded).

We are Your Expert Guide

We are highly-experienced entrepreneurs that have painfully raised capital for our own businesses. We've also been investment bankers, lenders, and investors. We speak the language of entrepreneurs, the language of accounting, and the language of finance. And we know off of the dialects of finance – from debt in all of its forms to equity in all of its forms. From "ABL" loans to "mezz with warrant kickers" to "minority growth preferred equity with a liquidation preference". We understand it, we explain it, and we help you get the very best deal.

Choose Your Service and Keep Your Proceeds

We present you with a menu of "flat-fee" services for you to choose from. Want help creating your own transaction strategy? We do that for a flat fee. Want to roll your own? No problem: use our platform for a much lower fee. Want help negotiating the deal? We do that for a flat fee.

At the end of the day when you get your funding, you keep your proceeds, because we don't charge a variable success fee on your raise like other investment banks. No hidden fees. No tricks.

How do we do this? Because we've invested years and millions of dollars perfecting a platform and a process that makes it possible to deliver you a much higher-quality service at a much lower cost. And that's how we win. We serve you faster, better, and at a lower cost than anyone else can.

Why do we do this? Because we are entrepreneurs and we understand you. We've been exactly where you're at. And we know what you hate about the status quo process and we've solved that.

The Reward

Your future growth often depends on access to capital. This is about working smarter, not harder on your financing. This is about the best capital at the best terms on a level playing field where capital providers compete for your business. It's filling up with the lowest-cost, yet highest octane fuel you need for your rocket-like growth trajectory.

Getting Started

It all gets started with our no cost, no obligation, Capital Reality    analysis to help you understand exactly where you are at and what type of financing is your best bet.



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