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Selling Your Business...
...can be a bitter disappointment

We offer numerous options for you to meet your goals while maintaining what’s really important to you to create a legacy

The Problem

Lack of Options

It's been a long journey and you must admit that selling out crosses your mind more and more lately. A number of your friends have sold and it seems like they did ok, although after the bloom is off the rose, most admit to regretting it. But if you did sell, how on earth could someone else drop into your place and run the business successfully? How would they ever get a grasp on everything you know about your business?

Any time an annoying business broker or M&A advisor bugs you, all they talk about is selling your company. They just seem hungry to get a commission – grasping for the only hammer in their limited toolbox.

Keeping your business wouldn't be so bad, if only you could free up some of your time, but how wouldn't that work? You've heard about ESOPs, but not sure your team could really run your business without you. Plus, you heard you would be on the hook big time as a "fiduciary" and under Federal regulation – that's a bullet you'd rather dodge!

Honestly, are your only options to sell out or endure the daily grind until the bitter end? There has to be other options, right?

Loss of Income

You just came out of a meeting with a wealth advisor, which left you a bit ticked off. While you're not exactly sure what your business is worth (that would be nice – is there a way to just get that reference point?), your advisor suggested it might only be worth about $5m given your profit of about $1m. Wait a minute! What? Only $5m? How can that be?

What really rubbed you the wrong way, was the nonchalant way your advisor explained that $5m – after taxes, commissions, and legal fees – would net you about $3.5m which would only fetch about $175k per year of fixed income if you got a decent return on a very safe investment and never touched the principal. What? You've been growing your revenue and profits almost every year and you just finally crossed the $1m a year mark (that's a pretty big deal!) so settling for a fixed income for a fraction of you're making now makes no sense at all! No way!

And by the way, it's kind of nice to control your own destiny – to invest in yourself. You've done just find thank you! You turned a very small initial investment into millions over the years. Can your advisor do that for you in the public markets? And wait a minute: you're supposed to make less money – AND depend on someone else to make your investment decisions? Not so sure about that!

Loss of Purpose

And another thing, what on earth would you do if you did sell and retire? You're not much of a golfer and there's no way you're going to sit around the house all day! Some travel and time off for a while sounds good, but honestly, it's kind of nice going to the office each day and leading the company.

Work can be a grind, but your business is a baby – you birthed it, nurtured it, and shepherded its growth all these years. It feels like you would be abandoning a child or handing off your daughter in marriage. And there's no way any buyer deserves it! You spent your entire life making it what is today.

What would like be like after walking out? What would your employees say if they bumped into you in the grocery store? Would they feel like you sold them out and took the money and ran? Would the buyer take care of your customers and employees?

You enjoy mentoring the employees and knowing you make a difference. You hired all of them and you've seen them and their families grow along with your company. You've created jobs and grown their careers. That's really meaningful.

The Solution

We Help You Develop Numerous Options

There are dozens of options to help you meet your exit goals. We start there: What are your goals? What would you like to do? Free some time to enjoy life? Focus part of your time on something else? Wouldn't it be nice to do that while maintaining a growing company and growing income?

Do you want to take some chips off the table to diversify your wealth and income? There are several ways of doing that without selling the golden goose that has served you so well. Do you want to step back as chairman of the company and hire a team to run it? We've got a very successful process for that as well. We can help you navigate everything from ESOPs to MSOPs and from the SARs to UARs.

Our focus is to help you build what we call Legacy Value     – the transformational business process by which you create multi-generational value that outlasts your hands-on management. You have many options to do that and we have a process and a platform to help you execute the plan of your choice.



It is our fundamental belief that selling your primary income producing asset is usually not the best idea. You've built it, you understand it, and you are the best investor of your own time and money. Build on that. Create your own "family office" with your business as your first of many income-producing assets. You got this!

The Fastest and Easiest Exit Process

But let's say you do want to sell. That's ok, because we've got your back on that option as well – only we do it a lot better.

There are thousands of capital providers with trillions of dollars looking to buy. Our Capital Transaction Management     (CTM) platform's precise matching capability means only the right type of capital providers are invited to view your confidential and anonymous profile (yet with sufficient information for them to make an initial offer). This gives your exit opportunity the broadest exposure, while eliminating your effort and protecting your confidentiality. Only when there is an excellent fit with an acceptable deal is your profile opened up in a "staged reveal" to quickly move the transaction into the final stages of diligence and closing. We've crushed the process of painful diligence to only a few weeks with a very high probability of getting you an acceptable letter of intent (no deal gets launched that we aren't extremely confident we can get sold).


We are Your Expert Guide

We are highly-experienced entrepreneurs that have bought and sold scores o businesses as owners, not just as intermediaries. But importantly, we’ve also been investment bankers and private equity investors. We speak the language of entrepreneurs and the language of buyouts. And we know all of the potential pitfalls of “earnouts”, “escrows”, “claw-backs”, “seller notes”, “reps and warranties”, and “indemnification baskets”. We understand it, we explain it, and we help you get the very best deal.

Choose Your Service and Keep Your Proceeds

We present you with a menu of "flat-fee" services for you to choose from. Want help creating your transaction strategy? We do that for a flat fee. Want to roll your own? No problem: use our platform for much lower fee. Want help negotiating the sale? We do that for a flat fee.

At the end of the day when you sell your company, you keep your proceeds, because we don't charge a variable success fee on your exit like other investment banks. No hidden fees, no tricks.

How do we do this? Because we've invested years and millions of dollars perfecting a platform and a process that makes it possible to deliver you a much higher-quality service at a much lower cost. And then we pass those savings onto you. That's how we compete and that's how we win. We serve you faster, better, and at a lower cost than anyone else can.

Why do we do this? Because we are entrepreneurs and we understand you. We've been exactly where you're at. We sold business that we've started. And we know what you hate about the status quo process and we've solved for that.

The Reward

You exit on your terms; you are in control. If you decide to sell outright our innovative tech-enabled process delivers you higher-quality services at lower, flat fees rather than variable success fees that erode the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

And, because you built your business, you deserve all of the wealth you created. Why fork over 5%, 10%, or even more of the value of your business to some broker or banker that simply listed it for sale?

Getting Started

It all gets started with our free Capital Reality     analysis to help you understand exactly where you are at and what to do next.


And, yes, that means a free, comprehensive valuation of your company with all of the market details you've been wanting to know. We can fill in the blanks for you – now you can know for sure.


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